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I'll bring up my prejudices first. I love colors that are seemingly washed out of a photograph, or deemphasized. I love beautiful skin....

"Road Trip" is a preview of something to come, of a photo series which will document a road trip (dah!) taken by Serenity. GREAT backgr...

I will critique the entire "Cleveland" series here, rather than write up each of the photos. Serenity shares mostly self portraits here...

I wish to write the word "stunning" 100 times! I will review this particular series as a whole rather than just the one photo. With clo...

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United States
For my deviantArt page, I choose to be a curator rather than an artist.

Thus, my Favorites are where you can see my skills in sniffing out talent and beauty. I enjoy finding images that appeal to me, and sharing them with others. Sometimes I like to comment on a work, to say what appeals to me, and other times I will just highlight it and let it speak for itself.

Currently I focus on primary female beauty and when appropriate sensuality, even fetish. My favorites feature what I find makes a woman beautiful, often beyond conventional attributes such as face, hair and figure. I love to look at a work and let my mind wander, exploring curves and tones and textures, and imagine warmth, sound and smells, with my mind.

Locations of Site Visitors

Given the wide range of ages of my favorites, I ask that comments on works found through this page be polite and respectful.

I am in my middle ages (thus over 21 years old), male, and live most of the time in the US.
Richardson4 by David3State  Richardson6 by David3State
DeviantArt has many aspiring models and photographers on its pages.  Some have the potential to make it in the fashion world.  As a cautionary tale, here is an article in the New York Post on Terry Richardson, probably one of the top fashion photographers today:…

Petition mentioned in article:…

Another article:……

There are many tales of bums posing as legitimate photographers solely to take advantage of aspiring models.  Rarely explored is just how pervasive this problem is, even with those who are considered legitimately to be at the top of their profession.
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Snl by David3State
I laughed when I saw this on Saturday Night Live a few weeks ago, and laughed even harder when I watched the original "We Can't Stop" video.  Bears replaced by elephants, mask with Reagan, Taran Killam playing John Boehner playing Miley Cyrus, while Miley plays Michelle Bachman (and looks REALLLLLLLLY HHHHHHOOOOOOTTTTTTT).

Watch with high speed internet so you catch it all!!!

Great almost frame-by-frame parody remake:…

And the original music video:…
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Original by David3State

I wonder if Picasso had to go through this.  Did Adolf Hitler get rejected from Akademie der bildenden Künste Wien (Academy of Fine Arts Vienna) because he "wouldn't submit" to the exam?  Did Andy Warhol embrace this, let's say, too much??
Art school student Clayton Pettet says he's held on to his anal virginity for the past 19 years, but he's finally ready to lose it — and he wants to share his grand opening with the world.

On January 25, 2014, Pettet, a second-year student at London's Central Saint Martins art school (Jarvis Cocker went here!), is planning to exhibit a one-time-only performance art piece entitled "Art School Stole My Virginity," which will involve Pettet and a friend engaging in safe anal sex on stage at an art space in the London Borough of Hackney.


Any thoughts on this?  Is this to become a trend??

Or are you...repulsed?
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171ea046ea96eae0368da5d33156f02b by David3State

A kangaroo hopped into Melbourne airport in Australia and has been captured by authorities, after entering a pharmacy on the terminal's second level.
Police closed the pharmacy as volunteer wildlife rescuers wrangled the kangaroo into a bag. It is believed the kangaroo was from nearby bushland and was hit by a car before entering the terminal, which services both domestic and international flights.

The airport said it did not know how the kangaroo arrived at the airport's second level. It was eventually found in the skincare section of the pharmacy.…

BTW, rescue girl is HOT:

article-2462632-18C571D300000578-789 634x460 by David3State
Leigh-Ledare-Tina-Reflect-011 by David3State
Tina Reflecting, 2003, by Leigh Ledare. Photograph: courtesy Leigh Ledare/Pilar Corrias London (fair use)
Visual art can push boundaries like few other mediums.  Some of the photographers of the last 30 years have ventured into very controversial areas, including hard core sex, child nudity and sexuality, violence, drug use and now Leigh Ledare presents to the viewing public sexuality of the artist's own mother (which to me does touch upon incest). 

Leigh Ledare is an American photographer who was raised by a single mother, and he chooses to record her sexual adventures with men his own age through his work. 

His work is, in some ways, a continuation of such artists as Nan Goldin (photographing heroin use, as well as adults having sex next to minors), Robert Mapplethorpe (alternating between extreme hard core and wonderful composition), Andreas Serrano (works containing both extreme hard core and wonderful composition), Jock Sturges and David Hamilton (photographers of nudity in underage girls), as well as Larry Clark (director of "Kids", who Ledare worked under for several years).  In some ways his works are even a reversal of Sally Mann's photographs of her children growing up (in her case NOT in a sexualized context).

Some critics, including Roberta Smith (writing for The New York Times, one of America's premier newspapers), have written well about his explorations of a dark undertone of life.

Some things, to me, go too far.  I enjoy nudity, I enjoy cutting edge art.  I also recognize when an artist is just looking to shock, just looking for a reaction.  This is beyond even what Serrano does with his works, using hard core imagery and religious symbols to draw in a viewer, while offering composition as the artistic merit.  Ledare's works are, to me, purely exploitative, both of the concept of parent/child and of the viewer's own sense of decency. 

Boardwalk Empire, a popular show currently on premium cable in the US, has as one of its subplots an incestuous relationship between a prostitute and her own son.  In the context of the show, the subplot does work (she herself was raped at age 14, and knows no other way of surviving than using her own sexuality).  And Boardwalk Empire does have several characters at the edge of society.  But it is fictional. 

Ledare's works contain consenting adults, but he claims to be documenting.  And the woman is not some abstract creation of his brush; she is his mother.

What is the line that should not be crossed?  Photographing intimate acts, nude photographs of a child by its parents, or observing and recording a parent having sex? 


Some photographs (not explicit):…
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